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Michelle is an impactful International keynote speaker who has an ability to connect with an audience and to leave them feeling empowered.


Unlike many speakers, she can have an audience howling with laughter as easily as she can have them deeply moved, such is her influence from the stage.

Michelle has been speaking professionally since the turn of the century, firstly as an award-winning businesswoman, then as a trainer in communication subjects such as marketing, networking and sales. She was already, therefore, a voice of authority in human commination, but when she was caught in the Boxing Day tsunami, she realised the truth behind our motivation and the power of successful collaboration.

If you need a speaker to inspire your delegates, to compel them to think about their core values… to be ready to take action… then Michelle is the right speaker for you.

Keynote ; The Magnificence of Humanity.

Let Michelle take you on a journey, to the depths of the biggest natural disaster in our living history. She will make you smell it, taste it, and live it. You will feel the shock, the wretchedness and the despair of those who were there. Then she will reveal something beautiful.

She will share what she witnessed… at the core of humanity… the truth behind our motivation.

This is a story of true adversity… of core values at work… and of the power of collaboration.

This keynote can be as gritty, or as inspirational as you require. It’s message is relevant to an array of events and has been as well received by Corporate Leaders as it has by Professional Associations, School leavers, Charities, Trade and Industry across the board.

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Taking you to the Boxing Day tsunami

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The art of non-visual communication

The Secret Life of People

Gain an unfair advantage in communication

Building Brilliant Business Relationships

Build massive sub-conscious rapport

Natural Networking


Behaviour Profiling

Unleashing human potential

"As a result of our programmes, our clients see a huge release of energy, an upward spike in moral and as a result of that, increased productivity and performance."

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