The Magnificence of Humanity:  Beyond the Tsunami

It’s in the face of true adversity that you can see what’s at the core of a human being. It was during the biggest natural disaster in our living history that Michelle learned the lessons that would take her on a new path.

She saw at first hand how, when the chips are down, our every day masks can be stripped away revealing our true values. How human beings are inherently good and how we can create something greater than the sum of its parts, when we pool our skills together.

This is what she calls the Magnificence of Humanity.


This talk takes you right to the heart of the Boxing Day Tsunami and what Michelle witnessed in the aftermath.


This talk is tailored to the audience, so choose your level of delivery, from gritty and hard hitting, to enlightening and motivational. Michelle has delivered this talk to a host of different audiences in diverse settings, from International Stages, to school halls, theatres and conference platforms, delighting every one and receiving standing ovations.


The following clip is not the Keynote, but a TEDx of the same subject tailored to the Birmingham City theme; “Transformation in Uncertain Times.”


Michelle was always a superb "trainer and facilitator", and to have more than one skill set that you are great at is a rare thing indeed. Michelle, as a main stage speaker has grown over the years, and recently I heard her speak at an event where the whole room was quite literally "jaw dropped". Her use of storytelling to make her point was a masterclass in how to get rapport with a room of people, and I saw many that were emotionally moved by the power and reality of her experience and story. The "take away" value was huge and I think it made us all just a little bit more humble, and grateful for what we have. Thank you Michelle.

David Hyner

I've been fortunate to have seen Michelle talk about human magnificence and the Tsunami three times now. Every time it moves me, and every time it moves me more than the time before. Yesterday I watched the audience gasp, laugh, and cry. It made me really look inside myself and think about how things will change (in my life). Thanks Michelle.

Jon Baker

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