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What Michelle witnessed in the aftermath of the tsunami was so impactful that she dedicated her life to capturing exactly what it was so that she could share it with others.

With hindsight, it’s clear for her to see what it was that she had witnessed, it is the TRUTH behind personal motivation and the POWER of collaboration.

However, it took 15 years for Michelle to take these lessons, to digest them, to distil them and to develop them through study, research and practise, until she finally produced her suite of analyses, that enable others to benefit from them, without having to go through such a dramatic education.

Essence – Core Values. An essential tool for personal development and the fundamental step in self-awareness. Essence captures your sub conscious values in order of their importance to you and gives you the answers to your true motivations and what inspires you.

Being aligned with your core values allows you to flourish and being out of alignment is what stops progression and development. It can even be destructive.

Michelle captures what is at the deepest level of your personality, with Essence, and can help you understand why others may perceive the world differently. It can show you why you are naturally drawn to some people and the reverse. It can show you what things in life you should pursue in order to be most fulfilled. This is the ultimate key to personal motivation and therefore to enhanced performance in all areas of your life.

Clarity –Behaviour Analysis. Michelle has written this behaviour analysis to capture your most natural behaviour tendencies and the way your behaviour changes in different circumstances. Clarity is drawn from the theory of William Moulton Marston’s DISC model, possibly the most widely accepted and utilised behaviour profile. It captures your most prominent qualities and what tasks will come most naturally to you.

Clarity is designed to help you understand yourself and others better and to communicate more effectively. It explains how others may perceive you and how to communicate in their language in order to build greater rapport. This is a fundamental tool for developing emotional intelligence and advanced communication. It should not be confined to personal development, but also applied to team cohesion, client/suppliers/prospects relationships and negotiation scenarios.

The People Reader – Is a unique analysis that you perform on someone else, when you want guidance in how to build rapport. Michelle has combined all of her skills, non-visual communication, non-verbal communication and behaviour profiling to create a report that shows you step by step how to build deep rapport and to predict what that person is likely to want or need, before they even ask. It is written for business connections and so will give advice on how to write your e-mails, or proposal, how to negotiate, and how to follow the sales process right to the conversion from a prospect into a client, giving you the pitfalls to avoid along the way. It is a remarkable tool that has been used in Board Room negotiations and shareholders meetings with great effect, in addition to being a valuable new business generation tool.

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